QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO is an organization that creates queer podiums, conditions and narratives on and in which a multitude of voices present what queer means to them. 

By doing so QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO wants to not only problematize prevailing and reductive ways of describing a body (male, female, gay, straight etc.), but mostly invent new, more nuanced and inclusive ways of being and becoming.

The aim is specifically to not answer this question, but to instead embrace the pluriformity and paradox of all outcomes. QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO aims to create a (safe) space of radical imagination where a multitude of undefined positions can exist.

QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO abides to an intersectional vision. It aims to not only disturb oppressive notions concerning gender and sexuality, but even more so aims to overcome the violence that colonial, patriarchal and neoliberal narratives bring forward. Any voice can feel unheard when speaking alone for their singular cause. QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO aims to interweave a multitude of voices and create a cross-dialogue that, when unified, strengthens the building of a movement.

Queer is not a Manifesto, since queer is something that fundamentally defies the principle of categorization and classification. It proposes that singular definitions for bodies and in general are restrictive and often violent. Therefore the main question of this initiative reads as follows: If queer is not a manifesto, then what could it be or become?

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GENTLE THEM is an agency for queer artists in which we promote queer artists to get them more visibility and assignments

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QUEER IS NOT A MANIFESTO was launched on the first of February 2019 at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Please consult the link for more details. Do contact us for further inquiries.