Queer is not a Manifesto is a foundation that centers queer and fluid identities. We build platforms, initiate projects and create visibility in order to promote the gloriousness and pluriformity of (queer and fluid) identities, histories, experiences and narratives.

Queer is not a Manifesto, since queer is something that fundamentally defies the principle of categorization and classification. It proposes that singular definitions – for bodies and in general – are restrictive and often violent. To have a queer and and/ or fluid identity is an activist practice that aims to demolish colonial narratives; an active revolt against sexism, racism, ableism, gender classification, transphobia and othering. 

Queer is not a Manifesto actively forms relationships with non-human entities, interspecies, indiginous communities and all living ecologies that the earth and beyond inhabit. In doing so we aim to create structural and long- lasting agency, power and influence for those voices that have been erased and violated by prevailing systems of oppression (think: capitalism and western supremacy). Queer is not a Manifesto is a place for healing and belonging; moving towards a politics of pluriformity.

Join our mission by accompanying us in one
(or all) of our three projects:

A series of immersive art events centering queer (performance) artists

Send this manifesto to your local institution!

Queer is not a Manifesto was launched in 2019 at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The event was an indictment towards the structural exclusion and erasion of queer bodies, especially those of color, within institutions like Stedelijk Museum.

Read the manifesto that was sent to Stedelijk Museum HERE.

If you recognize the critique we stated concerning the dominance of colonial, patriarchal and heteronormative narratives within institutions feel free to use our letter.

We encourage everyone who is likeminded to send this letter (or a variation of it) to those that need to read this. In the mean time Queer is not a Manifesto will continue to address the structural exclusion and erasion of (BIPOC) queer and fluid identities, histories, experiences and positions. 

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